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Comfort is our Business. To give its expanding activities a definite direction
and a wider dimension, Geoson Agencies is repositioning itself as a major player
in the comfort industry rather than a leader in just the mattress business.Thus operatingona larger canvas, the company will have more room to grow.


Geoson is into the business of pure comfort. A head start in
the business in 1979, it is now looking into an extensive brand extension, and a complete makeover - from sleep comfort,to home comfort. We Geoson Agencies are into mattresses and interior furnishings for past 28 years. We have a total of three branches located at convenient places in Bangalore and two branches at Cochin and distribution rights for Kerala.

We are number one dealers in Southern India for reputed brands like Kurl-on,
Sleepwell, Restolex, MM Foam, along with these we are also dealers of RAHA mattresses,
Duroflex, Springwell, Samira Carpets, and Jute Bags. We also deal with plastic moulded furniture’s such as CELLO and SUPREME brands.


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